Beer In Ads #1125: Helps You To Face Life’s Little Snags

Sunday’s ad is for Ansells — The Better Beer — originally from Birmingham, England. They were one of the breweries that merged together in 1961 to create Allied Breweries. The ad is from 1926. You’re on the tee and you knock your ball into a tree lining the fairway, where it comes to land in a bird’s nest just as the surprised Mama bird is coming in for a landing. I think she looks surprised because she’s just noticed a new dimpled egg. So what’s a golfer to do? Time for a beer, of course. That should fix it, or at least help you to face life’s little snags.” I love the tagline at the bottom of the ad: “See the name Ansell on every hop.”

Ansells - the better beer - advert for Ansell's Brewery, Birmingham, 1926

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