Beer In Ads #618: Refreshingly Different

Wednesday’s ad is for Washington’s Olympia Beer, from 1959. Showing a fishing scene in the great outdoors, with fish rilling on the fire and a six-pack of Olympia cans ready to wash it all down.



  1. J Doyle says

    I’ve always loved everything about Olympia Beer: taste, ads, labels and the brewery built on a waterfall with the horseshoe overhead. Last time I drove by, it was still shuttered up and looked depressing. Hopefully it will see better days again!


    • beerman49 says

      The key to its possible re-use is its being quickly accessible to I-5, which I suspect it is not, & the reason that the conglomerate that bought Oly years back shuttered it. Maybe Dogfish (or another popular brewery that’s east of the Mississippi) could make use of it as a West Coast venue & scale it down. InBev certainly has the $$ to turn it into “Goose Island West”

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