Beer In Ads #771: To Help A Child’s Dream Come True

Monday’s ad is also for Budweiser, again from 1942. This one is quite remarkable, and uses corn syrup and the love of candy by children to make its case. Here’s the thinking. “To the great candy industry of America, corn syrup is a necessary ingredient. Used in other foods as well as candy, it contributes much to the energy and nutrition of the nation.” Thus, A-B’s “Corn Products Division” is as wonderful as their beer business. So drink Bud and “Help a Child’s Dream Cone True.”



  1. beerman49 says

    Interesting that A-B had a corn syrup biz on the side when they (unlike Miller) didn’t use corn in Bud. Perhaps they were a subcontractor to General Mills/General Foods/Kellogg’s (the “Big 3″ cereal makers at the time – “Post” brand was General Foods; GM was Cheerios & Kix then; stuff like Trix showed up in the 50’s). Or maybe they once owned the Karo brand, which is now under ACH Foods – can’t say, as in 1942, I was 7 yrs unborn.

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