Beer In Ads #907: Because We’re All In This Together

Tuesday’s ad is for Falstaff, from the 1970s. It’s part of Falstaff’s Gabe and Walker ads, this one a cartoonized version of a photo ad. The two spokesmen stopped to help a pair of gals change a flat tire, though only one of the does the work while the other merely puts the moves on the women. I’m sure drinking the cans of beer is helping.



  1. beerman49 says

    … & I’ll bet it was serioulsly “targeted” to avoid the then-budding “PC” criticisms. If that ad ran in CA, it would’ve been only in the Central & Sacto Valleys & in the nether-regional papers. No way in hell could that ad have run in a Bay Area major-circulation paper or the LA TImes – but somebody who lived in CA then tell me I’m wrong (I never saw it in the DC area, where I lived for most of the 70’s.

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