Beer In Art #77: George Garrard’s Whitbread Brewery

Today’s works of art are from the 18th century by a fairly minor artist: George Garrard, who was born in London and lived from May 31, 1760 to October 8, 1826. The first painting below is entitled Loading the Drays at Whitbread Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, and was painted in 1783.


The second, below here, is known as Whitbread Brewery in Chiswell Street and was painted the previous year, 1792. Wikipedia has a little more information about an engraving of it. “A painted engraving of Whitbread Brewery in Chiswell Street London in 1792. It it also titled ‘A View from the East-End of the Brewery Chiswell Street, The famous Whitbread Brewery. A carthorse is being backed into a dray.'”


Here’s some biographical information about Garrard, from

George Garrard (b London, 31 May 1760; d London, 8 Oct 1826). English painter and sculptor. After serving an apprenticeship with Sawrey Gilpin, later his father-in-law, Garrard became a student at the Royal Academy Schools, London, in 1778, exhibiting his first sporting picture there in 1781. Though his occasional genre paintings were better received than his many animal subjects (Sir Joshua Reynolds purchased his View of a Brew-house Yard from the Academy exhibition of 1784), he initially determined to practise as a sporting artist, probably on the advice of the notorious sportsman Colonel Thomas Thornton (1755-1823) for whom he had worked in the 1780s.

You can see a few more of Garrard’s paintings at Bridgeman and also at the Tate Museum.


  1. Marie Heffer says

    enjoyed your web site, we think we have a george garrard landscape hence looking at some more of his art.

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