Beer Perfume: My Two Scents

I don’t know how I missed this, but Sweet Anthem, a Washington perfume company, and the Seattle-based recycling company, Blue Marble Energy — whose business model is to”utilize hybridized bacteria to generate biochemical and bioenergy products” — recently announced a perfume made partially with a by-product of brewing. One of the many ingredients in the perfume is “organic spent brewery grain” from nearby Fremont Brewing. Though news stories are calling it beer perfume, apparently it’s much more than that. They start with the spent grain as a base, and process it through their patented AGATE technology, which creates volatile fatty acids. Then, “[t]hrough catalysis, bioesters are then extracted from the volitile fatty acids stream and are ready to be blended with Sweet Anthem’s fragrance oils. The feminine version of EOS is a very modern, bright, floral, tea-based scent, while the masculine or unisex version is characterized by citrus and cognac with hints of powdery apricot.


According to the Blue Marble website, where you can purchase the perfume, it comes in two fragrances, one for women and the other which they call unisex. The one “for her,” they describe as “a green bright floral, tea-based scent. Very modern and feminine.” It includes “Butyl Proprionate (bioester), Neroli, Tea Rose, Sandalwood and Green Tea.” The unisex version, which most news outlets call the masculine or male version, is described as “citrus and cognac with hints of powdery apricot. Equally appropriate for men and women.” It includes “Propyl Butyrate (bioester), White Ginger, Apricot, Cognac and Honeysuckle.”

Here’s NBC’s story about it. And below is the television report on the perfume by Channel 5 Seattle.


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    I would wear a hop perfume. My husband already finds me irresistable, but hop perfume would so result in jewelry. BTW I have no idea if I spelled irresistable correctly.

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