1. beerman49 says

    Best sellers’ Top 10 list contains only 9 … what startled me is that Bud Light is outselling Miller Lite close to 3-1 $-wise (vol #’s may tell a different story, but I doubt if the vol ratios would go below 2-1). Bud advertises more these days than Miller, but maybe those who prefer the low-cal shit have discovered that Bud Light has far more hop taste than Miller Lite (“triple hopped” as their recent ads promoted = 1 cone, or the liquid equivalent thereof). Who knows, & beer geeks don’t really give a damn.

  2. says

    “World” top selling beers? China’s Snow brand, produced by SABMiller, is supposedly the #1 beer by volume at 52 million Bbl in 2011…are the $ values that much lower than the others on this list?

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