Historic Beer Birthday: Frederick Hinckel Sr.

Today is the birthday of Frederick Hinckel Sr. (October 29, 1832-October 29, 1881). He was born in Prussia (Germany) and along with Johann Andreas Schinnerer founded the Cataract Brewery (a.k.a. the F. Hinckel & A. Schinnerer) in 1852. “Its premises occupied half a city block, bounded by Swan Street, Myrtle and Park Avenues.” Twelve years later, in 1864, Hinckel owned the brewery outright, and changed its name to the Hickel Brewery, which remained its name until closing in 1920 (or 1922) due to prohibition.



Here’s a biography of Hinckel from a “Bi-centennial History of Albany,” published in 1886:


A Hinckel Brewery beer wagon.

Although the brewery closed in 1920 because of prohibition, and never reopened afterwards, the build was preserved and today is an apartment complex.


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