Muni Settles Bill Brand Case

The Oakland Tribune is reporting that a settlement has been reached in the wrongful death suit brought by the family of beer writer and journalist William Brand, who was struck and killed by a Muni train in February of 2009. The report says that at $900,000, the “settlement is one of the largest in recent years for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.” While it’s not enough to bring Bill back, hopefully it will be of some comfort to his family that a certain amount of justice has prevailed and that they may hopefully find some peace of mind over his loss. You can read the full story by the Tribune at SF transit agency approves settlement in Muni crash that killed Oakland Tribune journalist.

Bill was a great advocate for craft beer in the Bay Area, and we’ve continued to toast his memory at both the opening and closing events for SF Beer Week each year.

Here’s to you, Bill.


  1. Ed Chainey says

    Bill was my best friend in the beer biz, and an overall great guy. He will always be remembered fondly. ~Ed Chainey

  2. Beerman49 says

    Saw the same info in 3/21 SF Chron; we in the Bay Area are lucky that Jay’s continued the column since Bill’s tragic & untimely demise. However, thanks to Bay Area News Group’s beancounter-driven management, we see Jay only every other week; Brand’s gig was weekly.

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