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Today in 1912, New Mexico became the 47th state.

New Mexico

New Mexico Breweries

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Guild: New Mexico Association of Small Brewers

State Agency: New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division


  • Capital: Santa Fe
  • Largest Cities: Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Roswell
  • Population: 1,819,046; 36th
  • Area: 121593 sq.mi., 5th
  • Nickname: Land of Enchantment
  • Statehood: 47th, January 6, 1912


  • Alcohol Legalized: June 9, 1933
  • Number of Breweries: 21
  • Rank: 24th
  • Beer Production: 1,584,745
  • Production Rank: 35th
  • Beer Per Capita: 30.9 Gallons


Package Mix:

  • Bottles: 38.4%
  • Cans: 56.6%
  • Kegs: 4.9%

Beer Taxes:

  • Per Gallon: $0.41
  • Per Case: $0.92
  • Tax Per Barrel (24/12 Case): $12.71
  • Draught Tax Per Barrel (in Kegs): $12.71

Economic Impact (2010):

  • From Brewing: $38,934,311
  • Direct Impact: $359,750,948
  • Supplier Impact: $252,384,829
  • Induced Economic Impact: $219,847,060
  • Total Impact: $831,982,837

Legal Restrictions:

  • Control State: No
  • Sale Hours: On Premises: 7 a.m.–2 a.m., except Sundays, for establishments with full dispenser license. / 7 a.m.–11 p.m., except Sundays, for restaurants with beer and wine license.
    Off Premises: 7 a.m.–12 a.m. except Sundays
  • Grocery Store Sales: Yes
  • Notes: New Mexico issues two types of license for consumption on-premise: a full dispenser license allowing sale of all types of alcohol, or a restaurant license permitting sale of beer and wine only. An additional Sunday permit is available which allows sale (on and/or off premise) on Sundays from noon until midnight. Exceptions are the prohibition of alcohol sale on Christmas, regardless of the day it falls on, and a Sunday permit allowing of sale (on and/or off premise) until 2:00 a.m. January 1, if December 31 falls on a Sunday. Sunday permits are only available where approved by voters within a local option district. Selling, serving and giving alcohol to a minor is a class 4 felony punishable by up to 18 months in prison.


Data complied, in part, from the Beer Institute’s Brewer’s Almanac 2010, Beer Serves America, the Brewers Association, Wikipedia and my World Factbook. If you see I’m missing a brewery link, please be so kind as to drop me a note or simply comment on this post. Thanks.


  1. says

    You know, I’m really enjoying these things. You should make cards to include in six-packs, like baseball cards in gum. Collect the whole set! (But maybe I’m just trying too hard to look for an excuse to buy beer.)

  2. Dave H says

    Ah, my beloved Home State! Along with Jim Koch and Pete Slosberg, it was Eske’s in Taos that introduced me to real beer back in the late 80’s.

    I was just home for Christmas and REALLY enjoyed the Marble Brewery beers my brother keeps on draft at his house. I’ve no idea how they slipped under my radar this long.

    I’d also expect nothing but fantastic beers to come out of the brand new La Cumbre Brewing in Albuquerque.

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