Sorting Cases Of Beer … Fast

In case you didn’t see this, it’s been up since last November, but it’s pretty funny, and mesmerizing to watch, especially from the laziness of your own couch or office chair. The video is simply workers at a beer distributor in Romania sorting the cases on mixed pallets as the come into the warehouse. I”m not quite sure why it’s called “Sorting Cases of Beer Like a Boss,” I think I’d call it “Sorting Cases Like It’s Friday Afternoon Minutes Before Quitting Time.” Or maybe happy hour was about to start?


  1. beerman49 says

    Interesting & entertaining & nothing broke! I’ve stacked & off-loaded many pallets of beer (once a week in a grocery store & no more than 2-3 pallets, which never were mixed randomly), but never at that break-neck pace. My average stack & off-load time was 4-5 hrs – 250-300 cases of cans & bottles (roughly 2/3 cans) all packaged in cardboard (mostly w/open tops).

    No way in hell could they do that with cases of 6-pak cans, as the cardboard tray packaging is too shallow & flimsy, or with the fully-enclosed 18/20/24/30-can cases that the macros use these days.

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