Beer In Ads #789: Starts Where Beer Leaves Off

Thursday’s ad is for Country Club Malt Liquor, from 1966, brewed by the Pearl Brewing Company of San Antonio, Texas and St. Joseph, Missouri. The selling points seem quite odd, like “it’s short on head, but long on what you drink malt liquor for,” which of course is for the “walloping good taste.” Uh-huh. That’s why people drink malt liquor. I always wondered that.


Stories & Adventures: An Introspective History of the Brewers Association

Here’s an interesting addition to the historical record of craft beer. The Brewers Association has created an audio record of stories from their early days, as related by “some of the major players in the industry,” and recorded by newly appointed Brewers Association Board of Directors Chair, Sam Calagione, who quips. “We’re lucky to be in an industry that’s only 30 or so years young—so vibrant and growing—but that our pioneers are still so active in our industry. We have a great opportunity to record the beginnings and evolution of our industry from the folks who started it.” Even though it’s a YouTube video, there’s no video, but instead a still image appears of the person speaking, so you can follow along with who is talking. The whole thing lasts two-and-a-half hours! Enjoy.