Beer In Ads #950: Hit The Ball

Thursday’s ad is again for Pabst Blue Ribbon, this one from 1950. Showing an old-fashioned tennis player — is that Pancho Gonzalez again? — using a racket with just one string, the analogy they’re using is that playing that way is the equivalent of not blending your beer. Blending is great, but it’s not the only way to brew a beer, and it may not even be the best way to make a pilsner. But how about that outfit?


Beer Birthday: Jeff Barkley

Today is the 29th birthday of Jeff Barkley. Jeff has been brewing and helping out at Moonlight Brewing off and on for the last seven years, and also is the son of legendary brewer Don Barkley, who’s currently at Napa Smith. I love running into Jeff at various events, podcasts and the brewery, as he’s great fun to hang out with and share a pint. Join me in wishing Jeff a very happy birthday.

Jeff, just after he was promoted to VP of International Operations at the first Lagunitas Beer Circus in 2009.

Brian Hunt and Jeff in front of Moonlight Brewery’s new foeders.

Jeff and Brian Hunt at the Marin Breastfest when it was still held in Marin, in 2008.

Brian Hunt, Aron Derosey from Beach Chalet, Jeff and Melissa Myers, when she was brewing at Drake’s.