Beer In Ads #1221: Pabst Gets The Call!

Friday’s ad is for Pabst, from 1939. Set at what the refer to as “Boston’s Swank Copley-Plaza,” which today is part of the Fairmont chain, the ad features a couple dressed to the nines and out for a night on the town. But what really makes this ad a hoot, is how they refer to the beer. “For Keener Refreshment … It’s Lighter … Brighter … Brisk-Bodied, Not Logy!” Whew, well thank goodness it’s not logy. Wait, what the hell is “logy?” Apparently it means “dull and heavy in motion or thought; sluggish.”



  1. Beerman49 says

    Certainly “logy” was not a word I heard in CA as a kid. The marching band director & drum major my freshman yr @ U of MD were fond of berating us w/the terrm “YOU LOGY DULLARDS!” when folks were f-ing up.

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