Beer Birthday: Stephen Beaumont

Today is my good friend and colleague Stephen Beaumont’s 53rd birthday. And not only a friend, but a neighbour, partner and ally, too (inside joke). In addition to his Blogging at World of Beer online, Stephen’s written numerous books, including the recent World Atlas of Beer (along with Tim Webb) and the Pocket Beer Book, now in its second edition. Join me in wishing Stephen a very happy birthday.

Stephen with Tom Dalldorf at the Great Divide reception at GABF in 2007.

Stephen Beaumont and his now-wife Maggie, and me, in the Bay Area for the Celebrator anniversary party a million years ago.

Stephen, Tom Dalldorf and me at 21st Amendment for a roast I threw for Tom’s 60th birthday several years ago.

Stephen and Maggie at their wedding reception in Toronto in August 2008.

Beaumont at the Dove
Enjoying a pint of Fuller’s at The Dove in London several years ago.

With Luke Nicolas from New Zealand’s Epic Brewing in D.C. for CBC a few years ago.


  1. says

    I was just going to thank you for the felicitations, Jay, when I noticed I already had. I felt much better for my sanity when I realized that comment was from this time last year.

  2. Steve Altimari says

    Happy Birthday, I will be visiting Toronto in late May with my wife and kids and we will be visiting the Bistro for at least one dinner. Steve from Valley Brew

  3. Stephen Beaumont says

    Thanks yet again, Jay. My editorial comment this year will be about the photo with you me and Maggie: “…a couple of years ago…”, methinks not, or at least so says the lines on my face and grey in my hair!

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