Beer In Ads #1052: Good Things Go With Beer

Thursday’s holiday ad is for Schaefer, from 1946. It’s a colorful ad with a bright red background covering half the page with the foreground containing beer, nuts and a pipe.



  1. lonndoggie says

    The pipe is actually a mallet for cracking nuts. And, at first glance, the motto looked to me like it said “Our hand has never lost its shill”. Oh, SKILL…right.

    These old ads get curiouser and curiouser…

  2. beerman49 says

    Much nicer-looking bottle & label compared to what was around once I was old enough to buy beer in DC (1967) – I think they switched to “stubbies” (but you could get cases of returnable bar bottles for around $3, plus 6 bits deposit).

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