Beer In Ads #787: Curious Neighbors

Tuesday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1949, and is one in their “I was curious” series. In adjoining apartments in one of those beautiful brick buildings with ivy-covered walls and planters that don’t really exist in the real world, the residents run into one another and the couple invite down for a glass of Schlitz. I love how dressed up everybody is just relaxing on their patio.



  1. beerman49 says

    In ads from that era, most everyone was over-dressed beyond belief; ditto for most 50’s TV sit-coms except for “I Love Lucy” & “The Honeymooners”. The vast majority of the American populace NEVER dressed that way, save for church/special occasions. Back then, there were far more honest-to-God blue-collar jobs than financial district/Govt phony ones – these days, the phonies might have the numbers edge. “Dress for Success” existed in damn few Americans’ mindsets then, hit its peak later; thank heavens for the tech world & its more enlightened dress codes! .

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