Beer Vs. Wine Infographic

Today’s infographic is a smackdown between beer and wine to discover who wins the battle royale of alcoholic beverages. It was created by Alex Hillsberg for Finances Online. The infographic itself, Beer Vs. Wine, goes through pros and cons, pluses and minuses and random factoids of each, before drawing its conclusion as to which is the superior drink.

Click here to see the infographic full size.


  1. Beau Crandall says

    The ABV for the wine is misleading as those are the Max ABV for the different types off wine. and Most people don’t even drink the higher ABV wines. The BEER ABV is also misleading. ABV for beer generally ranges from 4% to the 20% range.

  2. olav says

    Nice cartoons, but the numbers are obviously wrong.

    In France they drink 305 bottles of wine per person per year. The total population of France is around 65 million. A bottle of wine is normally 0,75 l, so in France they drink 0,75*305*65 million litres of wine per year. That is 14 billion litres. While worldwide we only drink 24 million litres of wine per year.

    I guess both numbers are wrong (especially the last one – way too low). And according to the Telegraph they drink 57 litres of wine per year in France .

    • Ogden says

      Yes. And in Vatican they drink a bottle of wine per day, every day, every person. Maybe they mean glass (0.2 bottle) instead?


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