1. says

    while I like the sentiment of the message it’s not for me (or anyone really) to judge the things that other people like. if fizzy yellow beer is the beer you like, who am I to try to change your mind? sure, I can suggest a hundred things but if the mind of the try-er is made up it’s going to end up “more for me!”

    BTW: I got to try beer from Lucky Bucket on my recent trip to Nebraska. they make good beer.

  2. beerman49 says

    John misses the point Jay’s hammered for years – that the macros’ advertising has unduly influenced the baby-boomers’ beer selection, & to a lesser extent, that of the Gen X-ers, who, by the time they turned 18-21, had some exposure to good beer. Wimp palates who like bland never will change; the rest of us explore, enjoy (most of the time) & expand. I’m 6 yrs older than Jay, & I have friends who are OK drinking fizzy yellow dreck that I gave up 30+ yrs ago. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to get them to try something that’s a helluva lot better, & there are a few “fizzy yellows” that this confirmed “hophead” doesn’t mind drinking once in awhile (Kirin Ichiban, Kingfisher, Beck’s/St Pauli Girl) when the other options are worse.

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