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Today in 1908, Bulgaria gained their Independence from the Ottoman Empire.


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Guild: Union Of Brewers In Bulgaria

National Regulatory Agency: None

Beverage Alcohol Labeling Requirements: Label requirements: Producer (importer), ingredients, abv, volume, date of expiration/producer and text “Consume responsibly, enjoy with pleasure.”

Drunk Driving Laws: BAC 0.05%


  • Full Name: Republic of Bulgaria
  • Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Romania and Turkey
  • Government Type: Parliamentary democracy
  • Language: Bulgarian (official) 76.8%, Turkish 8.2%, Roma 3.8%, other 0.7%, other (unknown) 10.5%
  • Religion(s): Eastern Orthodox 59.4%, Muslim (Sunni) 7.4%, Muslim (Shia) 0.4%, other (including Catholic, Protestant, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox, and Judaism) 1.7%, other (unknown) 27.4%, none 3.7%
  • Capital: Sofia
  • Population: 7,037,935; 100th
  • Area: 110,879 sq km, 105th
  • Comparative Area: Slightly larger than Tennessee
  • National Food: Bulgarian cuisine
  • National Symbols: Lion; Rose
  • Affiliations: UN, EU, NATO
  • Independence: Complete independence from the Ottoman Empire, September 22, 1908 / Became an autonomous principality within the Ottoman Empire, March 3, 1878


  • Alcohol Legal: Yes
  • Minimum Drinking Age: None (to drink); 18 (to buy) [Note: The Health Act prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age, but not their consumption.]
  • BAC: 0.05%
  • Number of Breweries: 12


  • How to Say “Beer”: bira / Бира / бира / пиво
  • How to Order a Beer: Edna beerra, molya
  • How to Say “Cheers”: Nazdrave / наздраве
  • Toasting Etiquette: See in the eyes when say cheers (наздраве)


Alcohol Consumption By Type:

  • Beer: 32%
  • Wine: 22%
  • Spirits: 45%
  • Other: <1%

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita (in litres):

  • Recorded: 11.24
  • Unrecorded: 1.20
  • Total: 12.44
  • Beer: 3.53

WHO Alcohol Data:

  • Per Capita Consumption: 11.2 litres
  • Alcohol Consumption Trend: Stable
  • Excise Taxes: Yes
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Sales Restrictions: Places, specific events, intoxicated persons
  • Advertising Restrictions: Yes
  • Sponsorship/Promotional Restrictions: Yes

Patterns of Drinking Score: 2

Prohibition: None



  1. says

    With your kind permission, just some rectification as native:
    March 3rd is the National day (in fact, for first time someone is celebrating this day of Sept 22nd as National day and I’m very happy with this instead of the preliminary armystice day imposed by Russians in March 3rd)
    The number of active breweries now is: 6 big/medium + 6 micros (brewpubs) as follows:
    Zagorka (Stara Zagora city), owned by Heineken and producing Zagorka and Ariana as BG brands
    Kamenitza (Plovdiv) owned formerly by InBev and now by Molson-Coors, producing as BG brands Kamenitza, Astika, Burgasko and Slavena (last 2 as regional brands with same taste as Astika, formerly high-profile and now rebranded as mass-produced)
    Shumensko (Shumen) owned by Carlsberg with 2 BG brands: Shumensko and Pirinsko
    Bolyarka (Veliko Tirnovo), BG owned with german collaboration (Kaltenberg and Warsteiner) with national brands Bolyarka, Schweik, King’s, Balkansko, Diana
    Lomsko/Almus (Lom), BG owned, also with german collaboration with national brands Almus, Lomsko, lregional brand Misia and export for romanian market only Robeer
    Ledenika (Mezdra) with formerly national brand Ledenika (now regional) and 2 local ones, Varna and MM
    the brewpubs are 2 in Sofia – Pri Kmeta and Luciano, 1 in Varna (Ventura), 1 in Tryavna (Luc’s), 1 in Veliko Tirnovo (Britos) and newest one 359 in a village in Sofia region
    Label requirements: producer (importer), ingredients, abv, volume, date of expire/prod and text “Consume responsably, enjoy with pleasure”
    Toasting etiquette: See in the eyes when say cheers (наздраве)

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