MLB Stadium Beer Price Report

Today’s infographic is from Save on Brew showing the MLB Stadium Beer Price Breakdown. Although it’s from 2012, the prices are probably similar, even if they’ve likely gone up a bit. But since it’s opening day for this year’s baseball season, now is a good time to start saving since the prices at games are so outrageously overpriced.

Click here to see the poster full size.


  1. Gregg Wiggins says

    I wasn’t there for Opening Day but I have been told by those who were that beer prices at Nationals Park in Washington, DC went up a dollar this season. That’s true on all the beers from the major brewery beers sold at multiple locations and by vendors in the stands to the craft beers sold at a couple of specialized stands. I guess that’s what winning a division title does.

    • The Duke of Dunkel says

      Last Giants game I went to I think even the Miller Lite was $8 for a 16 ouncer. But, walk down the ramp to the Public House and you can get a quality craft brew for less than that and bring it back to your seat. If memory serves I sipped on Parabola while watching the Giants crush the Dodgers’ hopes last fall.


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