Beer In Ads #804: That Extra Delicacy of Flavor

Friday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1952. Showing an illustration of three different scenes, a mountain lake, a picnic and a beach, it features a bottle of Schlitz being poured into a glass. It shows that all too common mistake of showing the glass full, but the bottle still has about its contents. My favorite bit of text is below the picnic: “That extra delicacy of flavor that delights the true beer lover.” You can also see the modesty of the fifties in the way the bikini-clad woman is partially hidden by the glass of beer, but it sets up a cool effect, seeing her through a beer-colored lens.


KegWorks Amazing Bottle Cap Wall

Here’s a pretty amazing time lapse video of KegWorks decorating the wall in their new office with 60,000 crowns. Thanks to Charlie Papazian for tweeting this video. It looks like a great way to use the space. KegWorks reached out to customers and fans on their blog, asking people to send in their beer bottle crowns, which they then put up on one large wall. The details are below, but watch the video to get the true scope of the project.

  • Approximately 60,000 bottle caps
  • 459 square feet of wall space
  • Many rolls of 30 mil thick magnetic sheeting adhered to the wall
  • 43 KegWorks employees putting up caps
  • Started: Tuesday, November 27th @ 3:47pm (Dogfish Head)
  • Last cap: Wednesday, January 23rd @ 2:31pm (Harpoon)

Another New Oakland Brewer

Just got some more great news. Steve McDaniel, co-founder of the hopefully soon to be open Oakland Brewing, and his lovely wife Justine Nguyen, had their second child last week. Justine gave birth to Chabot just after 3:00 p.m. on February 6. They also had another son, Merritt, in late 2010. I had heard rumblings about the new baby at the Double IPA Festival, but just got confirmation and the details this morning. Justine and Chabot are home and both doing great, with Merritt adjusting to having a brother. Join me in wishing the happy couple all the best on their birth of their new son. Congratulations Steve and Justine!


Original Gravity: 7 pounds, 9 ounces
IBUs: 20 in.
Style: Boy
Release Date: February 6, 2013
Label: Chabot Yggdrasil Duong McDaniel

Steve McDaniel and Justine Nguyen’s new son Chabot.

A sleeping Chabot Yggdrasil Duong McDaniel.