Beer In Ads #1255: 7th Inning Schlitzstretch

Thursday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1957. Given we’re in the middle of the all-star break, I figured a “7th Inning Schlitzerstretch” might be in order. It’s subtitled “How Cheering Raises A Schlitzthirst.” I confess I love the Schlitzerland ad campaign, especially the illustrations. “Be a Schlitzer.” Wouldn’t you like to be a Schlitzer, too?


Beer In Ads #1252: Working The Rake

Monday’s ad is for Rheingold Beer, from 1952, and features Miss Rheingold from that year, Anne Hogan. In this ad, she’s got a rake over her shoulder while wearing fall colors. Though there’s a leaf stuck to the rake and full wire basket of leaves in the background to the left, she looks too neat and unwrinkled to have done a lick of work. Apart from “here, hold this rake,” of course.


Beer In Ads #1250: The Fire Hose

Saturday’s ad is for Rheingold Beer, from 1962, and features Miss Rheingold from that year, Kathy Kersh. In this ad, she’s helping out at the fire station as the boys are cleaning the trucks. She appears to be ducking bursts of water from firemen’s hoses, but she’s wearing a raincoat, so she must have at least been expecting it. In the text it says that two words are “on the tip of everyone’s tongue.” Those two words? “Extra Dry.” Of course, I hear everyone saying that all that time, even today. Um, so then what’s with all the wet water?