Beer In Ads #1568: Dizzy Dean’s Trophy Room

Wednesday’s ad is for Falstaff, from 1954. The ad includes a great illustration of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Dizzy Dean, who’s show relaxing with some beers and showing off his many trophies to a younger couple. AT this point in his career, he’d been retired for years and had been inducted into the baseball hall of fame the previous year.


Beer In Ads #1565: When Picnicking Gives You A Thirst For Beer …

Sunday’s ad is another one for Falstaff, this one also from 1950s. In this ad, a well-dressed couple is having a waterside picnic. But they brought a fairly large, and undoubtedly heavy, red cooler filled with ice and Falstaff cans. But it’s all big smiles now as the man is opening a beer, but without watching what he’s doing, as if he was doing a magic trick.


Beer In Ads #1564: After The Game …

Saturday’s ad is still another one for Falstaff, this one from 1950s. Yesterday’s ad copy, “When it’s Time to Watch the Ball Game … Bring on the Falstaff,” was for before and during the game, whereas this ad is about “After the Game.” It’s quite a spread they’ve put out, but what the hell are those things on the football field serving platter? Are they deviled eggs wearing uniforms? And check out the guy in the background. “Put down the pillow.”


Beer In Ads #1562: Man Size Pleasure Of Golf

Thursday’s ad is another one for Falstaff, also from 1959. Today is National Golf Day, so this ad seemed appropriate for today’s featured ad. Like yesterday’s ad, the copy asks. “Got A Thirst For Man Size Pleasure?” I guess golf is slightly manlier than ice skating, but I’m still not convinced it’s among the more physically demanding sports one associates with manly pursuits. Although I suppose it does take balls to play.


Beer In Ads #1560: Make A Date With Good Taste

Tuesday’s ad is another one for Blatz, this time from 1945. In the ad, an attractive young woman is on the phone, which of course means she’s talking to a boy, most likely making a date. But no, they mean “Make A Date With Good Taste,” or Blatz, the beer that’s “always ripe and ready.” So at least there’s no double entendres there.