Beer In Ads #1662: A Guinness Page For Coronation Year

Friday’s ad is yet another one for Guinness, this time from 1953. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned queen in 1952 aftwer her father died, and the coronation was held in June of 1953. That same year, Guinness published this poster of trivia loosely related to the coronation and, of course, to Guinness. You could even send away for a free copy to hand on your wall.


Beer In Ads #1660: The Young Hostess Made A Lovely Deep Fry

Wednesday’s ad is for Guinness, from 1956. What a lovely story, 1950s style. “The Young Hostess made a lovely deep fry.” But it doesn’t end there, it just builds. Then “her husband brought home the Guinness.” And how did the story end? “Their guests had a perfect meal. And very nice, too!” I know I’m hungry, especially for those “crisp, crunchy chips!”


Beer In Ads #1658: That’s Just What This Meal Was Needing

Monday’s ad is another one for Guinness, from 1956. “Guinness! That’s Just What This Meal Was Needing.” Two couples are in the garden at a “cosy-looking pub” with a table of bread, cheese and fruit. One of the men — who reminds me a little of Matt Damon — got the first round and is delivering four pints of Guinness. I especially love this copy. “Nothing is added. Nothing is taken away. Every drop you drink is the real thing.” Are they going for Goldilocks or ripping off Coca-Cola thirteen years before Coke debuted “It’s the Real Thing.” Maybe Guinness should be suing them?


Beer In Ads #1656: The Horn Is For Carlsberg

Saturday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from 1955. This is the third one of these narrow Carlsberg ads from the same time using the tagline “The Call is for Carlsberg. Lager at its best!” The weird horn players are apparently a parody of the Luur Players statue in Denmark, although they claim it’s “famous” I couldn’t find any information about it on a quick search, not even that it just exists, so maybe they were trying to be funny.


Beer In Ads #1655: The World And His Wife

Friday’s ad is for Guinness, from maybe the 1950s or early 1960s. The artwork has that “It’s a Small World” vibe, with the style of illustration and each couple wearing their authentic cultural costumes. Especially when you consider the American couple in their cowboy suits, big hats and a cigarette hanging from the dude’s unshaved face. Yeah, that’s how all Americans look. As I understand it, the world and his wife essentially means a lot of people, which makes sense in the context of the copy: “The World And His Wife Enjoy Guinness.” The phrase always reminds me of the Elvis Costello song The World and His Wife from the 1983 album “Punch the Clock.”


Beer In Ads #1654: A Tug Of Beer

Thursday’s ad is for the Brewers’ Society, from 1956. Similar to the ads in America by the United States Brewers Foundation that ran around the same time, the British ads used taglines like “Good Wholesome BEER” and “The best long drink in the world!” People are turning red in the face in the tug-of-war contest going on in the ad. I bet I know what they can drink when they’re done building up a thirst. “A cooling drink. A cheering drink. An invigorating drink.”


Beer In Ads #1653: Lager At Its Best!

Wednesday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from 1956. This is the second similar ad for Carlsberg in the last few days using the “Call For Carlsberg” tagline along with the subheading “Lager at its best!” This one features a man hanging from the chandelier, as a bemused crowd below looks up. Chandelier man looks like he’s about to say something, but from the ad copy I think he’s just trying to order another beer from the bar and doesn’t want to stand in line with the rest of the hoi polloi. Kind of a dick move when you get right down to it.