Beer In Ads #2012: Motoring To Carlsberg

Wednesday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from 1930. In this ad, a couple on a motorbike are on the brink of overtaking an automobile, a pair of cyclists, all turning left at the next intersection on their way, apparently, to either the building with Carlsberg Lager on the side, or the one with Carlsberg Pilsner on it. Presumably there’s beer in those buildings.


Beer In Ads #2010: Clean Fresh Pilsner Taste

Monday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from 1990. This is another ad from a series done in July of 1990 that was designed to look older, and one presumes, nostalgic. A woman at the grocery store is adding a bottle of Carlsberg Pilsner to her basket. It was undoubtedly on her list. The text appears to claim “Yes…HOF has the clean fresh Pilsner Taste..!”


Beer In Ads #2009: The Royal Beer

Sunday’s ad is for Carlsberg, a.k.a. “The Royal Beer,” from who knows when. This one features quite a dandy, dressed to the nines — maybe tens with that ridiculous medal below his bow tie. Although curiously, his servant is wearing almost the same outfit, so maybe he’s just the maître d’ taking a break, and not so royal after all.


Beer In Ads #2006: Gamle Carlsberg Hipster

Thursday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from 1897. Apparently they had hipsters as far back as the late 19th century with that chapeau, the flowing mustache, closely manicured beard and the baby blue ascot. Above that mug of beer he’s holding, the text translates roughly to “‘Old’ it is good! Give strength and courage,” whatever that means. I expect that’s not quite the sense of what it’s trying to say. But he looks so happy that he’s making me thirsty.


Beer In Ads #2003: Beer By Elephant

Monday’s ad is for Carlsberg, from sometime after 1889. It’s for their “new Carlsberg Export beer.” In the detailed illustration, a Danish ship is moored in what looks like an African coast. Cases of Carlsberg are being off-loaded by hand and then attached to elephants. I hope they get them chilled down soon, because that heat can’t be good for the beer. I wonder where they’re heading after they leave the beach?