Beer In Ads #1701: The Swing Is Definitely To Labatt’s

Wednesday’s ad is for Labatt’s Pilsener, from 1955. First of all, there’s a funny-looking moose sitting on a stump wearing boots and a flannel shirt. Beyond “The Swing Is Definitely To Labatt’s,” there are some gems in the copy for this ad. “When thirst has you by the horns, just call for a tall, cool glass of sparkling Labatt’s PILSENER,” and “the wonderful dryness of Pilsener makes any thirst vaMOOSE fast!” There’s also a pretty interesting claim toward the bottom of the ad. “The only beer in the world endorsed by brewmasters of seven other breweries.” I wonder which ones?


Beer In Ads #1700: The Choice Is Yours!

Tuesday’s ad is for O’Keefe, from 1958. “The Choice Is Yours!” reminds of the Blues Brothers movie, when the band plays at an old honky tonk, and the owner tells them what kind of music they feature. “We have both kinds of music: country and western.” In this case the choice is between “O’Keefe Old Stock Ale” and “O’Keefe Ale.” This first is “hearty and full-bodied” while the second is “smooth and light.” So they have both kinds.


Beer In Ads #1699: Tennis – Golf – Baseball

Monday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1939. Tennis – Golf – Baseball. “Wherever there’s action — wherever people are doing things — you’ll find Miller Hight Life.” Are there any places where people aren’t doing things? But by far my favorite line is this sentence. “There’s a blithe lift to this sparkling, amber brew that puts it in time with action and fun.” Pure poetry.


Buster Keaton For Simon Pure Beer

Today is the birthday of American actor, vaudevillian, comedian, filmmaker, stunt performer, and writer Buster Keaton. He’s best known for his silent films, and especially The General, considerd by many to be one of the best films of all-time. In 1962, Keaton made a series of commercials for the William Simon Brewery of Buffalo, New York. The ads were done in a silent film style, employing many of Keaton’s best gags from his glory days on the 1920s.



Initially, I only had these three gifs made from one of the commercials, but happily discovered that the whole ad has now been posted on

And here’s another one Keaton did:

And a third:

And finally, a fourth ad Keaton did for Simon Pure Beer.


Beer In Ads #1697: Distinctive

Saturday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1949. I guess “distinctive” is certainly one of the words you could use to describe this scene, but to me she looks a little bit too much like Meryl Streep’s Mom if she had been in Terry Gilliam’s film “Brazil.” All she really needs is a shoe on her head to seal the deal, but I suppose that ginormous Rorschach-test brooch works just as well.


Beer In Ads #1695: Go To The Store. Go Directly To The Store. Do Not Pass Go.

Thursday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1968. This is at least the second ad I know about where Schlitz used the game Monopoly in one of their ads, which seems strange. I love how the card table really has nowhere to set down a beer glass without disrupting the game, not to mention how each of the four people is wearing a different couple, almost as if each of them was a playing piece, too. But best of all, the wife in green smirks as her husband in orange downs his glass of beer. The other man at the table, presumably the host, in red frowns with the knowledge that his wife in blue has just given him an errand to do, even though he’s already finished his beer, too. I predict they never finished this game.