Beer In Ads #1605: A Very Special Glass Of Beer

Friday’s ad is another baseball-themed one for Ballantine Premium, from 1968. This one is “Go Phillies!” and shows the three broadcasters for the Philadelphia games. The only one I recognize is Ashburn, who also used to play for the Phils (but then I was an Orioles fan as a rebellious kid). This ad also features another generic illustration of baseball action. Just what the hell is that symbol on the uniform of the player sliding into home?


Beer In Ads #1604: The ‘Crisp’ Refresher

Thursday’s ad is for Ballantine Beer, from the 1950s. Using the tagline “… the crisp refresher,” the illustration is of a generic blue and red baseball team, and the copy states that Ballantine is presenting the “Yankees on TV and Radio.” Those are clearly not Yankees uniforms so I bet the ad was used in multiple markets and Ballantine sponsored several different teams, as well.


Beer In Ads #1603: A Calendar Of British Beer — July

Wednesday’s ad is from the Brewer’s Society’s “Beer is Best” campaign, from 1938. It’s the July image from “A Calendar Of British Beer” for the year 1938. Showing a pair of Shire horses hooked up to a wagon of wooden beer kegs, the idea was that such a scene wasn’t too far removed from “the way [beer] has always been brewed.”


Beer In Ads #1601: Beer Is A Food

Monday’s ad is for Ruppert’s Knickerbocker — The Beer That Satisfies — from 1914. The Jacob Ruppert Brewery in New York put out this priceless ad during the inevitable march to prohibition, six years before it was enacted. They were obviously still hoping to turn public opinion with this great copy. “For the good of the public health, it is highly desirable that all prejudice against beer should be removed. This prejudice is held exclusively by people who do not drink beer.” The ad continues by listing great reasons why beer is so awesome. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.


Beer In Ads #1599: A Pair Of Pheasants

Saturday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1953. So what’s the going rate for a glass of beer? Why, a pair of pheasants, of course. And this as is a two-fer. There are not one, but two, magic bottles in the ad. Both full glasses shown have only half-empty bottles next to them, and in fact they look nearly full, with only a small amount just about reaching the top of the label gone.


Beer In Ads #1597: When Work Is Done

Thursday’s ad is for Great Britain brewers’ “Beer is Best” campaign, from 1935. Part of the British brewers series of ad promoting beer generally, this one focuses on an after work drink as a positive, where a man can “put away the cares of the day; restores his toil-spent energy; revives his flagging spirit.” But what stood out for me was at the bottom of the ad there’s a simple list of beer’s four ingredients, which they list as “Malt · Hops · Sugar · Yeast.” What was that third one again?


Beer In Ads #1596: Speaking Of Miracles

Wednesday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1951. This is an odd ad, showing a man who could easily be mistaken for being in drag, but is just dressed up as a gypsy or fortune-teller. Wearing a goofy grin, he’s seeing a bottle of Schlitz and a full glass of beer in his crystal ball, apparently giving him the idea that a cold drink of beer would be a miracle after a hard day of work.