Beer In Ads #1482: When You Make A Great Beer, You Don’t Have To Make A Great Fuss

Monday’s ad is for Heineken, from, I think, the early 1990s. I confess I don’t remember this ad campaign from Heineken, but I recently discovered that they had a reasonably long-running series of ads with the tagline “When You make a great beer, you don’t have to make a great fuss.” They’re all minimalist in design with witty text and that fussy tagline. I haven’t been able to find a lot of specifics about the campaign, apart from a few suggestions that it may not have run in the United States. But it’s pretty funny in the context of the ABI Super Bowl ad that accused craft beer drinkers of being to fussy about their beer.


Beer In Ads #1465: If You Can’t Come To Holland …

Friday’s ad is for Heineken, from 1977. In the year I graduated from high school, Heineken was considered “the good stuff” by my step-father’s friends and relatives, which in retrospect is rather sad and indicative of the state of beer at that time. This is also at a time when Holland seemed mysterious, and people really didn’t know much about the European nation. So using such cliched images in their ads like tulips and windmills probably made sense, but looks really dated now. Even the beer glass has a windmill on it.


Patent No. D609053S1: Beer Glass

Today in 2010, US Patent D609053 S1 was issued, an invention of Ramses Dingenouts, assigned to Heineken Supply Chain B.V., for his “Beer Glass.” There’s no Abstract, and the entire application is just one sentence. “The ornamental design for beer glass, as shown and described.”


USD0609053-20100202-D00001 USD0609053-20100202-D00002 USD0609053-20100202-D00003 USD0609053-20100202-D00004

Obviously, this designed has been used by Heineken as a proprietary glass in recent years, over the five years since the patent was granted.


Beer In Ads #1097: If You Can’t Come To Holland …

Sunday’s ad is for Heineken, from 1976. Showing a cliched view of a windmill with a bottle and glass of Heineken in the foreground, the headline is “If You Can’t Come To Holland Have A Heineken.” This ad is from when I was a junior in high school, and I remember being with my stepfather and visiting a business associate of his. The guy we were visiting asked my stepdad if he wanted a beer, asking if he’d prefer a regular beer or “the good stuff,” which turned out to be Heineken. Oh, how times have changed.


Beer In Ads #734: Some Things Shouldn’t Be Shaken Or Stirred

Friday’s ads are for Heineken, and some James Bond tie-in ads they did, beginning with Tomorrow Never Dies in 1998. Using the somewhat clever tagline, “Some things shouldn’t be shaken or stirred,” I like the sentiment, unfortunately it doesn’t really fit the beer.


Then for 2006’s Casino Royale, they used the same tagline again with at least three ads:




Beer In Ads #539: Heineken Jammin’

Thursday’s ad is a recent one for Heineken, in support of a music festival they sponsored, the Heineken Jammin’ Festival in Venice, Italy. I may not like their beer, but they do put out some great advertising. The photo of a band on state from overhead, with the floodlights lighting the crowd makes it look like a pint of dark beer with a nice head and bubbles. Awesome shot.


The Roman Coliseum In Beer Bottles

I stumbled in this fun little project, a model of the Roman Coliseum made entirely of beer bottles. It was the Telegraph’s Picture of the Day back in May of 2009.

A model of the Colosseum made of 1,500 bottles of Heineken is displayed at Rome’s Termini Station to celebrate the final of the Champion’s League. The sculpture has a diameter of 11.5 feet and a height of 4.6 feet.