Beer In Ads #1593: Better Try Extra-Dry

Sunday’s ad is for Goebel Beer, from 1949. The Detroit, Michigan brewery set their ad at night in the desert, presumably to make the association with an arid climate since the tagline is “better try extra-dry Goebel beer.” It certainly makes me thirsty looking at all that sand, not to mention the campfire.


Beer Can Dads 2015

I posted these a few years ago, but given that it’s Father’s Day I figured today was a good day to take another look at them. Around 2011, the good folks at Every Guyed designed eight beer can dads.


Here was the idea:

To celebrate Father’s Day, EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative House have teamed up once again to deliver the second installment of the ‘Cheers!’. This time we had creative director Glenn Michael raise a glass — and his brush — to 8 iconic animated dads, re-envisioning them as beer cans.

When you were a kid, Father’s Day was a pretty boring affair. Now you’re of age, and all of a sudden you have the chance to do something with your dad that he’ll actually enjoy: share a cold one together.

See if you can guess all of the cartoon dads. You can see all eight of them in the slideshow above. The answers can found at the bottom of the original post I did.

Looking at this again, I still want my own dad can. What would yours look like?

Beer In Ads #1592: Reflection Of No Bitterness

Saturday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1943. I’ve talked about this before, how oftentimes back in the earlier part of the century, products like beer were referred to as “friendly.” Here’s another example where Schlitz claims that “for millions of Americans the simple joy of companionship are made richer, deeper, more satisfying with a glass of friendly SCHLITZ.” Damn straight, skippy, I don’t want one of those unfriendly beers touching my lips.


Beer In Ads #1591: Land Of Sunshine

Friday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from 1954. Starting with the tagline “Traditionally the Finest,” the ad equates Florida with vacationers and the state’s fame as “a center of hospitality.” And this is seventeen years before Walt Disney World opened and transformed the state, so I’m not so sure about that claim. I remember a driving vacation my family took when I was fourteen (in 1973) from Pennsylvania to the Sunshine state and we didn’t even consider going; we drove right on past to Miami and the Keys. At any rate, I have a hard time thinking of Florida as an “enchanted land.” Though to be fair, beer-wise, things are a lot better there now than went I flew there once a month when BevMo opened a couple of stores in south Florida thanks to Cigar City and other new breweries.


Beer In Ads #1586: Two Is Company …

Sunday’s ad is for Ductillite by the Wheeling Steel Company, from 1937. With all that skin showing, I imagine that was quite the racy ad for 1937. A pair of young lover at the beach is completing their “outing” by introducing a third to the party. Their ménage à trois includes a “handy can of beer,” which is made of tin from Wheeling Steel, of course.