1. beerman49 says

    Well done – that was a great party, as usual. I’ve worked it w/Ed Chainey 4 times (1st was the 20th @ Oakland Convention Ctr); the last 3 yrs @ Trumer – this year the beer available was the best I’ve ever seen; the pulled pork & Dolly’s Donuts were outstanding! KUDOS to Tom Dalldorf, Trumer, & all the breweries for an outstanding event!

    Question for Jay/anyone else who works/visits brewfest-type gigs more than I do: Who’s the guy in the BAD red-haired rug (parted center or slightly left of, straight back)? He’s been at every one of the 4 Celebrator parties I’ve worked, & I’ve also seen him @Fort Mason for Brendan’s gig. @ last yr’s Celebrator party, he was so drunk & obnoxious when he came to our table near the end that I was sorely tempted to yank his rug off. This year, he behaved much better in the last hour.

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