Beer In Ads #1049: I Wonder If George Will Mind Getting A 5-Pak

Monday’s holiday ad is for Schlitz, from 1966. I guess it’s a humorous ad, but not to George. While wrapping George’s gift of a six-pack of Schlitz — George is not this guy’s best friend, presumably — he decides to drink one of the cans of beer, thinking to himself. “I wonder if George will mind getting a 5-Pak.” Yes, I think he will. But I think what George will mind most of all is getting such a shitty present to begin with. Sheesh.


Beer In Ads #1048: Just A Warm Wish To You And Yours

Sunday’s holiday ad is for Budweiser, from 1959. Part of Bud’s “Where There’s Life … There’s Bud” series, the ad shows a woman who’s busy wrapping presents, while an unseen hand is pouring her a beer. See the delight on her face? I also love the ad copy for this one. “Just a warm wish to you and yours for a happy, perfectly wonderful Holiday Season.” Even back in the late 1950s the war against Xmas was raging. “Holiday Season?” Bah.


Beer In Ads #1046: Navy’s Christmas Ale

Friday’s ad is for Navy’s Christmas Ale, from the 1930s. It was a brand of the Brouwerij La Marine, from Brussels, Belgium. According to one collecting website. “The La Marine brewery was formed when it took over the Marly Brewery which itself was a merging of the Struyen, Dineur and Dumortier breweries with the l’Alliance brewery. It was subsequently taken over by Wielemans-Ceuppens and stopped brewing in 1980.”


Beer In Ads #1041: The Cheerful Taste Of Budweiser

Friday’s ad is for Budweiser, from 1962. The ad depicts a holiday dinner party, but I especially like the goofy expression on the woman in yellow dress staring at the man pouring himself a beer, as she’s about to shove some food in her mouth. Also, I love the ad copy copy from this period, using emotional adjectives to describe flavor and tastes. In this case, Budweiser tastes “cheerful.” I wonder what that tastes like?


Beer In Ads #1039: Blatz Under The Mistletoe

Wednesday’s ad is for Blatz Beer, from 1945. It’s a simple ad showing an attractive woman glancing up at some mistletoe hanging above her, with an expectant expression on her face. But what I love in this ad is at the bottom, what is perhaps the best approach to not being the best-selling beer since Avis declared themselves to be number 2, insisting “we try harder.” Blatz marketed themselves as “Fast Becoming America’s Favorite.” Quite a lot of wiggle room in that one.


Beer In Ads #1037: In America’s Tradition-Rich East

Monday’s ad is for Miller High Life, from the 1950s. Even though I grew up in the “tradition-rich East” Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, having been in California for almost thirty years I’m a tad offended at Miller’s implication that there’s no traditions out West. But given that odd holiday spread that the lady in red is putting out, I’m not so sure about her having a “special touch of gracious elegance.”