Beer In Ads #754: One Of The Finer Things Of Life!

Friday’s ad is for Schlitz, from the 1950s. Featuring a decked-out woman of leisure relaxing by the pool, appointed with fashionable digs and seemingly expensive accessories on the table in front of her and, most importantly, drinking a Schlitz. The tagline, “one of the finer things of life!,” tells you everything you need to know about why her hand is on her hip. She definitely a “have,” not one of those “have nots.”


Lines Written On The Barley Corn

Here’s another interesting piece of history, an 1867 woodcut illustration of a farmer and a donkey carrying a bundle of barley corn, with a version of the John Barleycorn song engraved below. This one was printed in Dublin. There were countless versions of the English folksong, and its actual origin unknown. The version written by Scottish poet Robert Burns is probably the most well-known, though it was written around 1782, when it had been around for at least several centuries. It’s also been recorded by numerous bands, including a popular version by the English band Traffic. And finally, I wrote an overview of John Barleycorn a few years ago that includes the Burns poem.