Beer In Ads #949: Served In The Hollywood Home Of Bob Hope

Wednesday’s ad is also for Pabst Blue Ribbon, this one from 1948. Showing famed comedian and actor Bob Hope in what’s purported to be his home in Hollywood — golf club in hand — he appears to be lecturing the crowd, perhaps on pain of getting hit with his driver. That, or he’s boring them to death with another golf story.


Beer In Ads #947: Pabst Makes It Perfect!

Monday’s ad is yet another one for Pabst Blue Ribbon, this one from 1958. Featuring an artist painting what looks like something abstract, or possibly a terrible landscape, though curiously there’s a woman on the grass under his easel with a tray of food and a glass of beer. He’s apparently taking a break with his own beer and a smoke … or maybe that’s the way he paints. Maybe it’s just me, but his posture makes him look like quite the schlub.


Beer In Ads #946: Finest Beer Served … Anywhere!

Friday’s ad is another one for Pabst Blue Ribbon, from 1950. Showing famous tennis player Pancho Gonzales relaxing with a PBR — and wearing the quintessential tennis getup — that he’s sharing with someone courtside in a suit and tie. It looks like Pancho’s pointing at the blurred player serving on the court, perhaps a new prospect?


Beer In Ads #927: Satisfy Your Thirst For Better Beer!

Tuesday’s ad for Pabst Blue Ribbon, from 1954. Part of PBR’s “What’ll You Have” series, this one is tennis-themed, with a white tennis sweater emblazoned with Pabst’s tagline by the courts, back in the days when they still used white balls and … well, wore sweaters. Still not quite sure what made the beer better, though.


Beer In Ads #886: Mr. Basketball

Monday’s ad is for Pabst Blue Ribbon, from 1950. It’s one of Pabst’s “What’ll You Have” ads, but featuring a sports celebrity, George Mikan. In post-war America, Mikan was known as “Mr. Basketball” and was the Lakers’ center when they still played in a state with lots of lakes. He’s considered a pioneer of modern basketball, and retired as the all-time leading scorer. The NBA actually altered the rules of the game to reduce his dominance and he was directly responsible for the three-point line was and partially for the shot clock. And apparently he drank Pabst.


Beer In Ads #875: Pabst Fish Fry

Monday’s ad is for Pabst Blue Ribbon, from 1954. It’s from their “What’ll You Have” series,and this one shows three recently caught fish frying in a pan on the grill. Is is me or is that bucket of ice that the beer is cooling in a little close to the flame? That ice is going to melt pretty quickly.