The Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols

Today’s infographic is entitled The Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols, and was created by Pop Chart Labs, who describe their work like so:

A boozy chart of every variety of alcohol, from fermented concoctions such as beer and wine to distilled delights such as a gin and rum, this print features everything from favorites like wine and vodka to less lauded tipples such as caium and arrack, all pressed in copper metal inks.

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24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Today’s infographic is entitled 24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer, although at first glance it’s really 23. That’s because their very first one, the Ben Franklin quote that’s been thoroughly discredited years ago, continues to show up everywhere. I’d like to believe that Franklin wouldn’t mind being credited with the quote, but unfortunately the historical record appears to be utterly void of any record he ever said it and that it’s ore likely it was an opportunistic borrowing of another statement he said in a letter to a friend about wine. It’s a shame that’s how they start out, because there’s some interesting ones that follow, even if a majority of beer geeks probably knew most, if not all of them.

Basic CMYK
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Beer In Ads #833: Christian Staehlins Phoenix Brewery

Thursday’s ad is for the Christian Staehlins Phoenix Brewery, from 1850. The brewery was located in St. Louis, Missouri. I love these old posters of longshots showing the entire brewery complex. Don Russell was just telling he’d recently learned that a lot of these were created for insurance purposes since photography was expensive and hard to do from the vantage point you’d need to get the whole brewery in the shot.


Beer In Ads #831: Chips & Beer

Tuesday’s ad is for Carling Black Label, from 1961. One form their “People Try It and They Like It” series, this one features one of the simplest beer pairings, but also one of the most sublime: potato chips and beer. Although that may simply be because I’m obsessed with potato chips. And to the end, surely they could have found some better looking chips.