The ABCs Of Beer

Today’s infographic, The ABCs of Beer, was created by graphic designer Lise Statelman who works for Kloudless in Berkeley, California. She made this poster in 2011, while still a student, “displaying 60 styles of beer organized into 5 categories with their respective color and bitterness ranges, alcohol content, and country of origin.”

Click here to see the chart full size.

Varieties Of Beer Venn Diagram

Today’s infographic is a Venn Diagram showing the basic divisions in beer styles, created by A Drinker’s Guide to Beer. I might have preferred “hybrid styles” to “mixed,” but it’s an interesting way to show that some varieties are neither an ale or a lager, but share elements of both.

Click here to see the venn diagram full size.

The Magnificent Multitude of Beer

Today’s infographic is the latest from Pop Chart Lab, this time it’s The Magnificent Multitude of Beer. The poster features “ales and lagers into over 100 delicious styles from hoppy IPAs to fruity lambics, and including over 500 individual beers as notable examples of each style as well as glassware recommendations. The Magnificent Multitude of Beer captures the proud work of hundreds of breweries around the world, clocks in at a staggering 60 inches by 40 inches, and is the perfect finishing touch for your man cave or lady lair.” You can buy the poster for $90 at Pop Chart Lab.

Click here to see the poster full size.